I'd like to prepare for fiber optic box


I'd like to prepare for fiber optic box

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Interface Device (NID, the equivalent of the old AT&T box) inside the house, or install it outside and run cable (presumably fiber optic cable) to an Optical Network Terminal inside the house. Either way, we're likely to have a box in the house from which our premises cabling will run to phones, computers, TVs, etc.; and that box will be fed by fiber optic box. So I'd like to prepare for it; my goal is to have the optimal location for us (see below) be an easy job for the installer.

The Internet tells me fiber optic cable cannot be bent (installed) to less than ten times its diameter. I've been assuming 3/8" cable, like phone cable, which would call for a radius of not less than 4", installed.

The connection point of our existing cable is right outside a room in which we're finishing a remodel. On one wall of that room (ten feet from the existing cable's connection point), I installed two 4" square boxes with conduit running to the crawlspace, for data cabling (Ethernet, phone). Unfortunately, the conduits enter the sides of the 2" deep boxes, so they might not meet the bend radius limits.

Part of the wall cavity near those boxes is still open (we're putting a built-in cabinet in a space in the wall, but haven't yet), and I could run conduit from the crawlspace to the wall near those boxes, with a 10-14" radius, to allow Sonic's installer to route cable to a wall-mounted NID/ONT. My thinking was to terminate at the wall in a metal fixture box (single-gang preferred), and at the crawlspace in a metal box mounted so that the cable could run in one knockout, across the box, and into the conduit, without bends in the box). I could do this last box two ways: cable coming into the box from below and going straight up, for just one bend at 10-14" radius), or cable coming in from the side, for two bends, one at the 10-14" radius, the other at about a 6" radius. In either case, it would be installed on the face of the joist, right at its lower edge. The joists run parallel to the direction that the cable would likely be routed. I had planned to use plastic weatherproof Ftth Box conduit for its smooth inside surface. The space looks like this:The crawlspace below this room is two feet tall and easily accessed, with the Ftth Box open and easy to reach.
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