Know How to Link Amazon Alexa to Spotify?


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Know How to Link Amazon Alexa to Spotify?

楼层#1  帖子Johnson » 2019年 9月 5日 星期四 11:59 am

Alexa has just made the music experience on Spotify even better. If you love listening to music, then you must have heard of Spotify. Now with Alexa's compatibility to connect with Spotify, your music experience is going to enrich.
To connect Alexa and Spotify, keep following the mentioned steps:

• Spotify Premium Account
• Connect Alexa to Spotify
• Connect Sonos to Spotify and Alexa

Now all three of Alexa, Sonos, and Spotify will function together. The music experience you will receive from this is going to be amazing. Just tell Alexa what to do, and you sit back and enjoy.

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Re: Know How to Link Amazon Alexa to Spotify?

楼层#2  帖子Aiden88 » 2020年 6月 19日 星期五 11:27 pm

I have used MusConv tool to transfer all my Spotify playlists to Apple Music without any hassle. It has free and paid versions so you may try it.
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