copper wire draw machine Made in China


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copper wire draw machine Made in China

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WUXI WANDESHUN MACHINE CO.,LTD.located in the main wire drawing machine production base-wuxi. The company is a professional drawing machine manufacturing enterprise, main proucts include five series fast pulley wire drawig machine manufacturing enterprise,main products include five series more than 30 categories. Host products Straight wire darawing machine series, warter tank type wire darwing machine series, intverted vertical darwing machine series, fast pully wire darwing machine, copper products,specil wire darwing machine series;auxiliary products have sharp swing rolling machine, common type Pointong Machine,wearing a pointed model rolling machine,crane wire machine,butt welding a pionted ordinary-type H wheels, removable wheel H,H round-up Machine; the scoped wire and so on.
The company is a research, development, design and manufacturing in one of the tech private enterprises, gold processing enuipment, test tool, methods and advanced with a proferssional service team, an experienced technical team and a outstanding production mangement team. Design and manufacture according to user needs all kinds of special requirements, and various combinations of wire darwing machine wire drawing machine.
General Manager Mr. Wu Yonggen the spirit of "the pursuit of excellence, honest and reliable, strive for perfection, unlimited service" concept, metal welcome senior industry experts to discuss the project,and seek common development, and create a new model for drawing circles.copper wire draw machine Made in China
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